Green Roydon

Roydon Parish Council promotes and is involved in many green projects within the parish, from looking after the old Denmark Lane (Roydon Loke) and Swamp Lane to clearing litter and maintaining the recycling centre opposite the garage.

We work regularly with Norfolk Wildlife Trust in relation to our Ecological Network and (with the owner) Brewers Green. When required we help and support Quaker Wood and Roydon Fen.

Roydon is an interesting mix of urban and rural, built-up areas and farmland and nature reserve. It has country lanes and public footpaths, and a main road with a garage. Its green spaces are precious in many ways, for us now and for our future generations.


Roydon’s Ecological Network


The term “ecological network” refers to linked up corridors of continuous and varied habitat suitable for sustaining and improving a whole range of plant and animal life – from trees down to the smallest wildflower and from buzzards down to the humblest earthworm.

Within this range of natural life, though, much emphasis has recently been put on the most abundant and most ecologically important of these animals – invertebrates and especially insects. Many scientists and organisations are concerned about the rapid decline in their numbers and the repercussions that this will have, if continued, on our surroundings and way of life.

Roydon Eco-networks/ Wildlife Corridors

 1 Roydon Fen to Bressingham (west)

 A – Tottington Lane northwards – good verges, some trees and hedges

B – 1066 southwards – wide verges – to be improved by changed mowing regime

C – Denmark Lane and The Loke – good verges and trees – to be protected when development on the field bordering Denmark Lane gets developed

D – The School Triangle and Stubb Wood – hedges, ditches, coppice and woodland

E – Manor Road – hedges and verges, the latter needing improvement

F – Brewers Green

G – Swamp Lane – verges and woodland

H – Baynards Lane – verges, ditches, and woodland with two ponds; field edge, ditch and hedges at  western end

I – Baynards Green – sward, trees and hedge – could be improved

J – Bressingham Road (south side) – field headlands, hedges and woodland – to Bressingham

2 Roydon Fen to Bressingham and Shelfanger (north)

 from 1H above

I – Footpath 9 north (ditch, hedges and thicket)

J – Darrow Lane northwards – ditches (usually much varied flora), hedges, trees, rich verges

k – Darrow Wood Lane – ditches, hedges, woodland, verges, one pond, one brook, two official Roadside Nature Reserves – to Bressingham and Shelfanger

 3 – Roydon Fen to Wortham Ling

from 1H above

I – Hall Lane going south – trees, hedges, woodland, and verges and gardens which could be improved

J straight across the 1066 to woodland, then verges, hedges, and woodland – to Wortham Ling

4 – Roydon Fen to Quaker Wood and Louie’s Lane Allotments

From 1F above

G – Factory Lane to Quaker Wood and Louie’s Lane Allotments – hedges, trees, verges and ditch.

These routes cross each other at various points, so could be described in different ways. Footpaths 4, 2 and 3 can be incorporated also – all rich in hedgerows etc. (but with significant gaps in them).

Project – (so as to include the gap of Snow Street) – to encourage more wildlife friendly gardening along Snow Street, particularly the north side, to lead to Little Green etc . . .

Ecological Network

Cut a Tonne in ’21 Campaign

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