South Norfolk Council Village Clusters Housing Allocations Plan (VCHAP)

South Norfolk District Council’s

Village Cluster Housing Allocation Plan (VCHAP) Consultation

When: 9am Monday 7 June 2021 to 5pm on Monday 2 August 2021

We are aware of concern by some Roydon residents that the map shown in the VCHAP consultation document in relation to Roydon village only shows one site, SN0526REV. This is because this was the only site in Roydon village which was put forward directly to the District Council when the Greater Norwich Local Plan carried out their ‘call for sites’. Elsewhere in the consultation document, SNDC acknowledge that the housing allocation for Roydon will be decided locally within the Diss & District Neighbourhood Plan (DDNP) – please follow this link:, there is no  link from the map directing you to this acknowledgement.

We would like to assure all residents that the site for Roydon village’s housing allocation has been set as that area of land just south of Roydon school, a decision taken after considering five sites in total and consulting on the preference of Roydon residents in the autumn of last year. We notified all residents of this decision in the last edition of The Roydon Round Up (RRU 3), the parish council’s newsletter

The District Council, however, need to cover the possibility of  the final draft of the DDNP  not being approved by residents at the referendum and, therefore, not coming into being. If this was the case, then SNDC would be the ones to allocate land in Roydon for housing development, in which case local preferences would count for little. We are very much hoping that residents will vote in favour of the DDNP being adopted when it comes to referendum early next year.

We regret that the VCHAP consultation has appeared at this time when the DDNP are working as hard as possible to get the Neighbourhood Plan completed and, with the residents’ support, in place so that the residents’ preferred site for the development gets the go-ahead.


Paul Curson, Jane Jennifer & Trevor Ault

Roydon representatives to the DDNP Steering Group

10th June 2021


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